Energy Management System (EMS)

Code : E/17

Why Attend This Training Course?

Reduce energy costs systematically and continually, cultivate energy efficient production, sink emissions and foster an environmentally friendly image by applying the know-how from our energy management training coursewhich will provide you with the required tools to create an energy management system. Moreover, this course is designed to help you achieve lower energy costs and hence more profit as well as an improvement of your position within the competition.

What Is The Training Course Methodology?

This training methodology illustrates the concepts involved in the above areas through practical consideration of actual real-life problems, as well as explanation of concepts by experts in area using video projectors and computer aided case studies based on practical applications. Participants will solve their system problem, where the trainee’s try to apply the skills learnt with guidance from our specialized experts. ACAD will provide participants a comprehensive assessment on the problems solved using the skills acquired in the training course.

Who Should Attend This Training Course?

This training course is intended for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Design Professionals, Product Manufacturers, Inspectors, Machinists, Production Personnel, as well as Construction workers who are involved in the interpretation of mechanical engineering drawings.

What Is The Training Course Objectives?

This course is directed towards utilities, manufacturers, design engineers, system operators, users of electricity as well as all involved in energy saving.

What Is The Training Course Curriculum?

  • Introduction
  • What are the benefits of thermal energy storage (TES)?
  • Water pumped storage
  • Air pumped storage
  • High efficient lighting
  • Public lighting (street lighting)- CFL lamps- electronic balast.
  • Load management system
  • Power factor improvement
  • High efficient motor
  • Economical load dispatch
  • Combined cycle (steam & gas turbines)
  • Isolating building
  • Final recommendations
  • Discussions & case studies
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