Maintenance of Buildings

Code : C/13

Course Objectives:

Provide participants with the modern systems of building maintenance & the techniques used in keeping up buildings & enterprises safety, also the economics of maintenance costs. 

Course Modules

Module 1: Types of Buildings

  • Causes of defects in buildings & it’s crash
  • Concrete collapse, crumble & swelling
  • Judgement steps on building security
  • Kinds of reparation, restoration & protection materials
  • Protecting & treating tunnels & ceiling from water outflow
  • Roofs protection & reparation methods
  • Iron protection & reparation methods

Module 2: Methods of Strengthening Columns, Foundations, Slabs, & Walls

  • Methods of repairing blooms
  • Comprehensive evaluation for repairing & maintaining concrete buildings
  • Instructions & recommendation for building’s electrical connections
  • Electrical maintenance & reparation processes for buildings
  • Earthing & elevctrical safety
  • How to discover gas outflow in the building?
  • Welding processes necessary for gas pipes reparation
  • Module 3: Types of Water Pipes 
  • How to repair & treat leakage in water pipes?
  • Pipes welding process
  • Aluminium & it’s uses
  • Modern finishing works (painting, wood working, whitewash, floors)
  • Conditioning & refrigeration equipments in buildings& troubleshooting
  • Industrial security
  • Applications & field visits

Target Audience

     Engineers & technicians involved in the maintenance of building

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