Maintenance of Roads

Code : C/11

Course Objectives

Provide the participants with the integrated systems of road’s maintenance, to achieve high performance, individual & properties safety. The course also discusses the economics of maintenance costs for different kinds of roads. 

Course Modules

  • The needs for roads maintenance
  • Roads types & characterizations
  • Summary about geometrical design for paving roads & airports
  • The Common techniques for soil supporting
  • Controlling techniques in the degree of soil pressure
  • Summary about roads constructional design
  • The international measurements & characteristics for roads
  • The equipments necessary in road works
  • Executing problems & how to overcome it
  • Maintenance work during road planning (soil mechanism & how to treat it..etc)
  • Maintenance work after executing the roads
  • Processing economics & controlling methods
  • Case studies & fields visits 

Target Audience

Engineers & technicians interesed in this subject

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