Organizational Charts Development

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Why Attend This Training Course?
The objective of developing an organization chart for a project is to make a detailed and careful record of the activities relating to project staff deployment. An organizational chart outlines the people whose involvement in the project is necessary to success. It is a document that visualizes which roles and responsibilities, which team members will carry out throughout the project course. A project organization chart usually depicts different management functions and duties assigned to project staff and also how the team members will interrelate with each other over the course of project lifecycle and during every process stage as well. It graphically represents roles and responsibilities as boxes linked to individual team members, along with lines that show which authority and decision-making power every team member has.

What Is The Training Course Methodology?
ACAD Corp’s methodology depends on enabling participants to interact and exchange experiences, explore their competencies and achieve their career aspirations, using forward-thinking training arts, such as Theoretical Lectures, Workshops, Open discussion to exchange opinions and experiences, Scenarios, innovative thinking brainstorming and teamwork, Role-play and simulation, and Audiovisual tools and materials. Participants will receive an agenda including training material as a reference, in addition to some extra notes and booklets. Training material will be presented in English and Arabic.

Who Should Attend This Training Course?
This training course is designed for HR staff and all who are working in performance appraisal systems and estimating potentials.

What Are The Training Course Objectives?
  • Specialized knowledge in organizational planning in terms of objectives, principles and foundations
  • Organizational analysis, identification of tasks, distribution and preparation of organizational structures
  • Knowledge of the concepts, values ​​and practices prevailing in this field in the developed world
  • Define the methods and foundations for the development and development of organizational and functional structures, the rationale and reasons for re-organization
  • Develop abilities in analytical methods related to the development organizational structures How to overcome the problems of application and resistance to change

What Is The Training Course Curriculum?
Basics of Constructing Organizational Charts: An Overview
  • Modern principles and concepts of administrative organization abiding by the vision and mission
  • Organizational role in success and stability
  • Management as an integrated process and its relation to other administrative processes
  • Methods of analysis of organizational structures and identification of areas of strength and weakness
  • Justifications, requirements and administrative reorganization (quadratic analysis and environmental analysis)
  • Environmental variables
    • Economic variables
    • Social variables
    • Technological and informational variables
    • Other factors
Organizational Patterns and Activity
  • The life cycle of institutions and their different phases
  • Stages and steps of preparing and developing organizational structures
  • Scientific methods to bring about organizational development
  • Methods of job preparation, description and evaluation
  • The foundations of employment and employment needs assessment
Practical problems of ranking and classification of jobs
  • The practical difficulties of canceling and creating some jobs
  • Factors affecting the success and effectiveness of organizational development
  • Driving styles
  • Administrative Communications
  • Incentive systems
  • Organizational Relationships
Resistance to Change
  • Ambassadors of change
  • Teams preparing policy and procedure manuals
  • How to develop business plans in light of global best practices
  • A practical laboratory for the preparation and development of organizational and functional structures and how to overcome the problems of application
Evaluation and Follow-up
  • Follow-up improvement and efficiency in the performance of the enterprise during the implementation of business plans
  • Measuring institutional and individual performance indicators
  • The four axes of the Balanced Score Card model
  • Building motivation for performance and merit

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ACAD Professional Certificate - APC
ACAD Training & Consulting uses the power of its network to bring about positive, tangible change. We champion the training courses profession and the interests of individuals, engaged in that profession, for the benefit of all. ACAD Professional Certificates are designed for those who are enthusiastic to challenge themselves to reach the extra mile. Participants who fully attend an APC course and successfully pass the exam on the last training day, will receive an ACAD Professional Certificate (APC). APC are regionally recognized and can be esteemed when applying for more senior roles in Egypt and MENA region.

Exam Details:

Duration: 1 hour | Multiple Choice | Closed book | Pass mark: 65%

Course Schedule

11 - 22 Feb
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt
14 - 25 Jul
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt
20 - 31 Oct
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt

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