Situational Leadership Strategies


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the latest ideas in the art of leadership and team building
  • Participants gain new leadership skills to reach certain creative and innovative leadership mentality
  • Ways to develop traditional patterns in the analysis of administrative problems and making decisions
  • Help generate ideas on how innovative decisions come up from a modern commander through cooperation and teamwork
  • Development of leaders to translate innovative ideas into action plans
  • Training on how to deal with crises and conflicts in the work environment
Course Modules
Module 1: Basics of Situational Leadership
  • Contemporary leadership competencies
  • -Methods and tools on how to shift from a Manager to a Leader
  • Successful leader (personal qualities - leadership skills)
  • How to choose the appropriate leadership style in different positions
  • Leadership styles
  • Questions and answers
Module 2: Leadership Creativity
  • What is the Concept and dimensions of creativity?
  • Road to Creative Thinking (Steps – Skills Required)
  • Methods of Creativity and the skills to use them
 Module 3: Characteristics of Creative Leaders
  • Creative Leaders and generation of alternatives
  • Skills required to providing and arranging new ideas
  • How to translate innovative ideas into actions
  • Leader’s role in development and innovation of culture of the team
 Module 4: How to Deal with Crises?
  • Managerial requirements for dealing with crises
  • Preparation and training of teams
  • Pre-authorization of the authorities
  • Communication and Contingency planning during crises
  • Use of innovative and creative thinking in solving problems
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
Individuals holding leadership positions and middle management levels in various organizations

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