Work Over Well Control

Code : O/16

Course Objectives 

It covers all topics concerning with well control which is essential subjects with whom are dealing with well operations.

Course Modules

Module 1: Bop Equipment

Annular prevents, inside prevents, deviators pipe rows blind and sheer rams, adjustable chokes, choke manifolds and valves, safety valves, accumulator control systems, drilling spools, seal rings and ring grooves, casing heads, h2s trim and wear bushings, rotating heads and kill lines, mud gas handling equipment, pit level and flow monitors, mud mixing systems, stack design and hook up whilst drilling

Module 2: Causes of Kicks

Three stages of control, primary control, causes of under balance, drop in mud level, drop in mud weight, swabbing, trip monitoring, salt domes, artesian effects, recap of primary control

Module 3: Kick Warning Signs

Hole fill up while pulling out, hole displacement while running in, connection gas, increased drilling rate, lost of circulation control

Module 4: Kick Indicators

Secondary control, excess flow when tripping pit gain, drilling breaks, how from well

Module 5: Shut-in Procedures 

Soft and hard shut -in, shut-in for stable rigs, shut-in when tripping, floater shut-in, diverted procedures, methods of kill, SIDPP, SICP, ICP, FCP, recap of pressure

Module 6: Kill Methods

Start up procedure, drolleries method waits and weight, volumetric, concurrent methods, gas kick, gas migration, recap of secondary control

Module 7: Well Control Calculations

Well control formula, ICP and FCP formation fracture, MAASP, type of in flux, behavior of gas, gas expansion and migration, plotting kill graphs / step down charts, technique for choosing variables, drawing a step down chart, drawing a graph

  • Well control / gauge problems
  • Horizontal / well control
  • Worker well control

Target Audience

Work over engineers and work over supervisors 

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