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Request IN-COMPANY and/or BESPOKE Training

ACAD Training & Consulting provides in-house training courses that are customized and/or fully-tailored to meet your organizational objectives to fulfill the gap. By applying, you will obtain a learning solution that is delivered at your premises and at your desired time. Either it’s a short-term public course or an accredited certification, our in-company trainings are the most cost-effective way to train your team.

Additonally, t
ailoring a training program for your organization to meet its vital needs is most effective. Therefore, ACAD Training & Consulting will create and develop training courses to adhere with the particular needs of your organization to maintain its sustainability and growth.

Five Key Benefits for ACAD Training & Consulting In-Company and/or Bespoke Trainings

  • Time Efficiency – Due to courses are specific to the topics you need within the time frame you request

  • Flexibility – You choose when and where the course will be delivered, at your premises or our training premises

  • The Right Fit For The Team – The course will be built for your team and business only, customised to your specific needs using up-to-date examples and case studies tailored to your organisation

  • Unique & Consistent Learning Experience – The training enables every delegate to have the same consistent learning experience and achieve the same level of knowledge

  • Higher ROI on Training – The team will acquire the specific job skills needed for a particular project, situation or skill, reinforced by hands-on teaching to maximise the learning experience



To get more information about our In-House and/or Tailored-made Trainings, please email us on [email protected] or fill up the form below and we will get back to you in 24 hours. 

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