How PMP Certification Can Benefit Your Career

If you are interested in becoming a Project Management Professional or PMP, then it’s time to think about earning a certification to prove that you have the skills and the knowledge that it takes to do well in this industry. PMP Certification is the gold standard when it comes to project management. This globally recognized certification is largely based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK guide, which mainly aims to enable and empower progressive project managers in order to meet the evolving needs and unique requirements of businesses and organizations. Obtaining professional certification has obvious benefits to a person’s career growth. Not only do certifications help build your credibility and expertise, you also become an even bigger asset to the business and the industry you are serving.

Project managers seeking career growth have increased chances of climbing up the ladder with a PMP certification. This internationally accredited certification is recognized by the global business community and big corporations usually look for PMP certified managers to fill their vacancies. In addition to increasing your odds in landing better positions with the largest world class corporations, going through PMP certification will also add significant value to your existing skillset and knowledgebase.

The PMP certification process requires rigorous training and a substantial amount of coursework, which may seem like a lot of hard work, but one that will surely payoff in the form of expanded marketability, higher asking price and billing rate, international recognition, and enhanced credibility in your field.

The demand for PMP certified project managers is high in the international market. As of 2016, PMI or the Project Management Institute had close to 3 million members across the globe, and there are 286 chapters in 210 territories and countries worldwide. This number can only be expected to rise continually as the number of businesses and companies recognizing the value of certified professionals grows.

More sooner than later, having a project management certification can make the difference between you getting your dream job or being looked over for someone who has the right credentials. A PMP certification is a highly influential factor in business-owners’ and clients’ hiring decision. Earning this certification lets you show your clients, peers, and supervisors that you are committed to the profession, that you follow the code of ethics, and that you have the ability to perform all the project management functions expected if you.