Computerized Maintenance Management Systems CMMS – Answer or a Tool?


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Course Objectives

Computerized maintenance management systems are often bought with the thinking that they can & will solve all your problems. Getting the most from your CMMS requires Proper use of its full capabilities. Many CMMS installations are only partially implemented & are underutilized. Valuable information is lost because the data is not collected. Work processes are more complicated 7 cumbersome than they need to be because full advantage is not taken of available automation.

Course Modules
  • Find out what CMMS can & cannot do
  • Do you really need one?
  • Will a CMMS bring real benefits or real problems?
    • What are the benefits & the costs of CMMS purchase, installation & mplementation?
  •  Assessing system upgrades & some of the hidden costs
  • CMMS Selection:
    • Hardware & software selection
    • How to select an appropriate system for your plant/ operation?
    • Determining requirements & vendor stability in a volatile marketplace
    • Hoe to ensure you system will provide analytical tools for continuous improvement
  • Implementation
  • Ensuring the benefits are achieved
  • Selection exercise

Target Audience

This course is designed for Maintenance, Mechanical Process Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians.

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