Contemporary Methods for Planning & Programming


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Course Objectives

  • Provide a scientific integrated framework for the management process dimensions with a focus on the planning function with awareness of its extents of importance
  • Use of modern quantitative methods to develop plans and work programs, with a focus on the enrichment of participants’ skills in how to develop a mathematical formulation for setting up work plans, programs and solution tactics reaching optimal results
  • Provide participants with essential management skills to use budgets and timing programs

Course Modules

Module 1: General Process of Management framework

  • General principles which rules the planning function
  • Determinants and influential in plans and programs development


Module 2: Management Plans Preparation Stages

  • Plans preparation responsibility
  • Strategic plans
  • Tactical plans
  • Executive plans


Module 3: Quantitative Approach in Management Planning

  • Predictive
  • Ordinary cases
  • Decision hierarchy


Module 4: Quantitative Input

  • Turning ideas and objectives into action
  • Preparation of timing work programs by using the method of business networks PERT
  • Case study


Module 5: Methods of Budget Preparation and Control of Work Programs

  • Evaluation of work programs through the study of cost and returns
  • Cost-examples for decision-making and the role of information systems
  • Preparing and reporting work programs and the extent of implementation progress


Target Audience
Specialists and executives assigned for plans development and work programs

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