Effect of Leadership & Innovation in Organizational Change Management


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Course Objectives

  • Identify the concept of corporation change management and the areas targeted by the business organizations
  • Identifying the corporation change planning stages and its strategies and approaches.
  • Identifying the leadership role in the corporation change management process
  • Identifying the leadership role in resistance to change process and methods of dealing with it

Course Modules

Module 1: Basic Concepts in the Corporate Change Management

  • Concept of change management and managing corporate change
  • Importance, objectives, and tasks of change management
  • Driving forces for change at organizations
  • Methods of managing change
  • The areas targeted by the change at the organization
  • Stages of the change process
  • Types and forms of change
  • Redirects and guidelines index to manage change effectively


Module 2: Process of Planning and Implementing Corporate Change

  • Stage I: Recognition of the need for change and its importance
  • Stage II: Set a strategy for change
  • Stage III: Identifying and designing alternatives / change approaches
  • Stage IV: Implementation of the change process
  • Stage V: Evaluate and modify the process of change


Module3: Leadership role in corporation change management

  • Leadership (Concept, importance, elements, attributes)
  • Leading change (Concept, importance, aspects, dimension)
  • Role of transformational leadership in managing the change process


Module 4: Leadership towards the Resistance of Corporate Change

  • Resistance to change (Concept and Reasons)
  • Forms of workers response to change process and methods of dealing with it
  • Managing cultural change (give a commitment to change)


Target Audience

  • Managers and their assistants
  • Administrative supervisors and head of departments
  • All those interested in planning, evaluating and improving performance
  • Executives at the various organizations and offices and staff in               administration and the various secretarial levels
  • Public Relations and personnel working in institutions both public and private sectors

Governmental departments staff who are involved in applying e-government, and management development

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