Leadership & Development of Highly Performing Teams


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Program Objectives
  • Provide participants with means of preparing and building teams with  
  • Enrich their skills in developing team spirit and self-organization
  • Develop participants managerial and leadership skills in order to solve problems and lead teamwork, create and build Quality Circle (QC)

Program Modules
Module 1: Teamwork Concept and its Significance in Organizational Success
  • Integrated approach to TQM and its relationship to productivity
  • Teamwork tasks types and teamwork types in organizations
  • Methods of preparation for building teamwork in organizations
  • Prepare individuals for group interaction within teams
  • Roles played by individuals within the team
  • Excellence circles and quality workshops (Concept, significance, Application, Professionalism)
 Module 2: Prepare individuals for Effective Communication within Teamwork
  • Enriching capability of self-expression
  • Enriching the ability to listen, feedback and speak well
  • Enhancing skills of the working group in achieving effective communication
 Module 3: Teamwork and Effective Leadership Styles
  • Leadership and its various types
  • Managing teamwork meetings
  • Enhancing skills of reciprocal relationships between individuals
Module 4: Human behavior Analysis towards Team Members
  • Motivate and stimulate to perform work
  • Practical Lab for skills about achieving goals through group work

Target Audience
Officials, head of departments and supervisors assigned to build and supervise teamwork’s flow

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