Management Performance Efficiency Improvement


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Module 1: Basic Concepts of Managerial Development and Innovation

  • Re-engineering management (Re-building strategies and restructuring the organization)
  • Managing change and adaptation
  • Horizontal organizing
  • Empowerment
  • Service windows


Module 2: Facing Managerial Challenges

  • Technological change
  • Governmental policies
  • Change in economic activity


Module 3: Concept and Importance of Work Procedures

  • Importance of work procedures
  • Procedure complexity causes and manifestations
  • Planning and implementation of draft procedures simplification


Module 4: Methods of Studying Work Procedures

  • Updating procedures program: Selecting procedures for developing
  • Success requirements for streamlining work procedures
  • Support top management
  • Setting goals
  • Providing corporation capabilities
  • Empowerment
  • Information and technology


Module 5: Effective Planning to Streamline Procedures

  • Action Plan and program schedule
  • Deciding objectives process and setting schedule and follow up implementation
  • Studying and analyzing environmental factors (negatives and positives)
  • Specifying procedures to be subject to study and simplification
    Casting teamwork
  • Identifying secondary data sources


Module 6: Procedures Stages and Collecting Data and Legislation (Laws - Regulations - Instructions)

  • Organizational framework
  • Preparing staff and their specialties
  • Location of offices and departments where work procedures to be accomplished
  • Technology, machinery and equipment used at work
  • Documents used in accomplishing correspondences


Module 7: Analyzing, Evaluating, Streamlining and Accrediting Procedures Stages

  • Implementation procedures simplification project
  • Organizing charts and procedures path flow
  • Evaluating and simplifying procedures (procedures guide)
  • Implementation and follow-up stages


Target Audience

This program is directed to employees who occupy leadership and supervisory posts like directors, and who are responsible for process designing, public service providers and developing career methods.

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