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Course Objectives
  • This course aims to enable participants to learn the latest methods of supervision of public services
  • Provide participants with skills for performance development of public services and all related activities
  • A structured approach that helps generate new ideas reflected from the performance development of public services
  • Identify development objectives for the activities of public services
  • Identify indicators and driving forces to measure and assess the achievement of these objectives
  • Develop programs and work plans for improvement and development 

Course Modules
Module 1: Identify Development Goals of the Public Service Activities
  • Acknowledge indicators for measuring and evaluating the achievement of the objectives
  • Identify driving forces for the development of performance
  • Develop work plans and programs of improvement and development
 Module 2: Duties of Supervisors in the Management of Public Services
  • Contractors Agreements
  • How to supervise the work of contractors
  • Behavioral skills of workers
  • Work planning in public services
  • Organization of personnel for administrative services
  • Social Techniques, goal setting and action planning
 Module 3: Identify Business and Operational Needs of the Organization
  • Performance targets development plan on the public service activities
  • Supervision of office furniture, landscaping, and general maintenance
  • Supervision skills in the field of nutrition
  • Role of the General Services Administrator in regulating the movement and means of transportation for workers
Module 4: Budgets Preparation and Management for Public Services
  • Indicators for measuring and evaluating the achievement of objectives
  • Types of Performance standards
  • Tools for performance indicators
  • Multiplicity of performance indicators to measure a single/specific goal

Target Audience
All administrators, executives and heads of departments in various disciplines, and the occupants of the administrative roles in private and public organizations

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