Self-Competency Development for Managers


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Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to possess set of managerial excellence skills, which assist them to perform their work efficiently and capability and let them think and act according a non-traditional and modern thinking
  • Give the participants the essential behavioral, intellectual and personal skills to face the future with its challenges

Course Modules
Module 1: Role of Developing Personal Skills in the Successes of the Manager’s Job
  • Seven Dimensions of the managerial thinking at organizations
  • Six chapeaus of thinking by (Edward de Bon)
 Module 2: Develop the Manager Personal Skills: Skills and Talents
  • Future sensation of setting plans
  • Analysis and generate solutions alternatives
  • Perception capabilities and analyzing situations
  • Intelligence and agility skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Planning time effectively
 Module 3: Negotiations Skills and Managerial Correspondences
  • Skill of intellectual flexibility to cope with the environmental variables
  • Synaptic skills
  • Skill of distant control through sensation
  • Skill of managing teamwork and build quality circles
  • Skill of changing behaviors and disciplines
  • Skill of sensing the future problems and facing them    
  • Global exams to develop the personal skills from MENSA University - UK

Target Audience
Managers, heads of departments and units in the various specialties and all who have leadership occupancy
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