Contemporary Finance & Budget Planning Forecast

Code : 3/5

Course Objectives

  • Discuses the modern methods of financial prediction and planning, based on non-assured and ambiguous information
  • Develops skills of financial analysis to rationalize planning process, control and make financial decisions

Course Modules

Module 1: Modern Methods of Financial Planning

  • Financial analysis methods
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Cost and financing structure analysis
  • Profitability and growth Analysis by using the integral models
  • Investment returns average and the monetary reports
  • Balance analysis and its role in financial planning
  • Corporate’s financial hardship prediction

Module 2: Budgets Preparation

  • Master budget preparation
  • Three dimension budget: Probable, flexible, and capital

Module 3: Role of Budget in Cost Control

  • Cost rationalization
  • Cost reduction
  • Deviations analysis

Target Audience

Heads of financial department and accountants in financial, accounting, budget, planning and follow-up departments

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