Contemporary Training Strategies & Preparation of Training Plans

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Course Objectives
  • Understand the most updated systems, main concepts of training process and how to manage it successfully
  • Enrich the managerial, technical, behavioral skills that enable them of managing the training activity effectively
  • Recognize how to apply TQM method in the training process 

Course Modules
Module 1: Training Concept: Training Types within Human Resources Development Process
  • Training process stages
  • How to manage the training activity effectively
  • Roles that can be played by training specialist 
Module 2: Methods to Determine the Short and Long-term Training Needs
  • Relation of training needs with job description
  • Relation of training needs with performance appraisal
  • Relation of training needs with human resource planning
  • Levels of identifying training needs.
  • Relation of training needs with training program objectives and its elements
Module 3: Training Needs Analysis and Estimation
  • Prepare training plan at the individual and corporate levels
  • Set the training budget
  • Training activity characteristics and elements
  • Steps of preparing the trainee guide and the trainer guide
  • Principles of selecting the training methods 
Module 4: Factors affecting the Training Material Quality
  • How to form the training objectives according to the training needs
  • Standards of selecting the training presentation
  • Prepare the general training framework
  • Assess and following up the training program effect
  • Lack of evaluation of a training program
Module 5: Move towards a Learning Corporation
  • Identify the elements
  • Prepare assessing measuring tools
  • Education corporation: Difference between both concepts of training and learning
  • Approaches of individuals, group, and corporate learning
  • Requirements for transformation into learning corporation
  • Four learning types
  • Humanitarian
  • Moral
  • Ethical
  • Cultural
  • Factors that effect and get affected by the training process inputs and outputs
  • Prepare work plans and programs
  • Case studies with realistic application 

Target Audience
Head of departments, specialists, training and development coordinators and candidates for these occupations at various organizations

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10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
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