Correlation between Strategy Preparation & Balanced Scorecards System


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Course Objectives
  • Discuss the concepts, the basic pillars for setting strategic management and strategic planning, and improve participants ability to view and analysis the environmental influences and deal with variables
  • Discuss of plans basis setting, policies and strategic programs and follow-up and control them and strategic decision-making in an innovative way
    Enabling participants to answer:
    • What is the balanced performance appraisal system (balance scorecard)?
    • What is the importance of this system and why had a successful organization to apply it?
    • How to connect between the organization's strategy and work and operational performance?
    • How to employ resources more realistically?
    • How is the application of balanced performance appraisal system "BSC"? 

Course Modules

Module 1: Concept of Strategic Management and their Application Levels
  • Strategic management attributes:
    • Integration
    • Inclusion
    • Future look
    • Productivity
  • Strategic planning and setting goals and policies
  • Outline the organization strategic management
  • Strategic control systems and their application attributes
  • Traditional performance appraisal systems
  • Emergence of a balanced performance by Kaplan & Norton
Module 2: The Balanced Performance Concept
  • Role of balanced performance system in the integrated model of strategic management
  • Difference between traditional performance systems and balanced performance appraisal system (Balance Scorecard)
  • Four dimensions of the balanced performance appraisal system:
    • Financial dimension
    • Customers dimension
    • Internal dimension
    • Innovation and learning dimension
  • Importance of the balanced performance appraisal system
  • Usage of the balanced performance appraisal system
  • How to build up a balanced performance appraisal system
  • Compiled model of nine steps divided into three basic stages to build balanced performance appraisal system
  • Case study
Module 3: Methods to Apply the Balanced Performance Appraisal System
  • Reasons that lead to = balance performance appraisal system failure
  • Learned lessons from several companies across the world
  • Practical application:
    • Workshop to build up a balanced performance appraisal system
    • Workshop on how to implement balanced performance appraisal system
    • Workshop on how to assess the application results of the balanced performance appraisal system
  • Lessons learned

Target Audience

Incumbents of managerial posts and general managers who are in charge of the organization policies, objectives and strategic planning as well as managers and departments in charge of planning and follow-up at ministries, agencies and institutions and candidates for senior leadership posts

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