Detailing In Concrete Structure (Requirements Consideration & Problems)

Code : C/8

Course Objectives

Provide practicing engineers with the required knowledge For detailing of concrete structures. It is designed for designers, supervisers & site engineers to have a successful design & to avoid future determent due to poor design details. Participants will be provided with : detailing requirements in international codes, sample detailing for different concrete structures, computer aided drafting of details, case studies for deterioration caused by poor design details & site visits.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to the Art of Detailing

  • Detailing requirements in international codes
  • Computer aided drafting for placing drawings & bar lists
  • Detailing of slab & beam systems
  • Detailing of columns & walls
  • Detailing of stair cases & slabs on grade
  • Detailing of retaining walls
  • Detailing of grade beams, wall footings & piled foundations
  • Detailing of different types of joints

Module 2: Site visit of Residential Building Construction

  • ACI building details
  • British building code details
  • Introduction to roof systems for wide span halls
  • Detailing of girders for wide span halls
  • Detailing of concrete trusses & vierendeel girders
  • Detailing of concrete frame structures
  • Detailing of concrete arched roof & sheds
  • Detailing of concrete shell roofs
  • Detailing of folded plate roofs
  • Detailing of brackets & corbels & beam-column joints
  • Detailing of simple & continous deep beams

Module 3: Concrete Bridge Systems & Limitations

  • Detailing of concrete bridges (super-structure)
  • Detailing of concrete bridges (sub-structure)
  • Case studies of deterioration caused by poor design details in bridges
  • Case studies of deterioration caused by poor design details in building
  • Answers to common site problem related to detailing

Target Audience

Design & supervision engineers, constractors & consultants, structural & construction staff.

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