Electronic Government Management Applications


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Program Objectives
  • Identify the concept of the application of e-governance and its importance to businesses in terms of saving time, effort and money, as well as the confidentiality of data and information protection
  • Provide participants with the necessary application of e-government and the use of modern software in the administrative office and business development skills
  • Practical training in the use of electronic technique of computing and information systems in various management and e-government activities

Program Modules
Module 1: Modern Concepts of Management, E-government and Information Technology
  • Introduction to information technology and its tools
  • Information technology and its impact on the success of the organization
  • Introduction to e-government
  • Concept of e-governance
  • Phases of the application of e-governance
  • Types of electronic services
  • E-government and its possibilities of linking technologies informatics
 Module 2: Basic Skills for Application Management and E-Government
  • Research skills prepared electronically
  • Reporting skills electronically
  • Email skills and applications of electronic fax
  • Organize tasks skills and scheduling and follow-up electronically
  • The use of modern software in the administrative office and business development skills
 Module 3: Use of Computer Technology and Information Systems in the Administration and E-government Applications
  • Training on computer software and information technology systems
  • Training on the use of various software packages and appropriate for each program to be accomplished, especially Microsoft office software package
  • Training on the design of the information system and its components, appropriate for administrative information
 Module 4: E-Governance Applications in the Field of Preservation and Retrieval of Documents and archives
  • Various conservation systems (remember numerical, geographic, my name, etc.)
  • Technical preparation of documents and archives (encoding, sorting, indexing, classification)
  • Electronic storage modes and their effect on documents and archives
 Module 5: Managerial and Behavioral Skills that ought to be met in Researchers and Administrators
  • Contacts and cooperation among colleagues’ skills
  • Speed ​​of delivery skills and accuracy in work
  • Motivation and defer its impact on the achievement of individuals
  • Skills and arts of dealing with others
  • Reciprocal relations and their impact on the collective performance of the job
  • Solve problems and develop creative thinking 

Target Audience
All researchers, administrators and managers of the supreme administrative offices leaders interested in the applications management and e-government in different organizations

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