Electronic Preparation of Design & Structural Detailing Documents

Code : C/6

Course Objectives

A computer system is introduced for producing neatly calculated pages of structural design & detailings suitable for submission to checking authority. The system includes calculations for elements of reinforced concrete & steel which are based on the current code of practice. 

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Program Modules, Data Input, Editing & Filing

  • Running & checking page calculations module
  • Running & checking RC & steel detailings modules
  • Reinforced concrete design according to ACI 318-95
  • Design calculations for slabs, beams, columns, anchorage, & splice bar lengths
  • Design calculations for footings & earth structures

Module 2: Reinforced Concrete Detailings, according to ACI Manual 1994

  • Detailings ofslabs, beams, columns, & foundations
  • Detailings of earth structures & stairs
  • Steel design according to AISC-LRFD code
  • Design calculations for beams, columns, base plates, etc.
  • Design calculations for beam/column connections

Module 3: Detailing of Beam to Column & Beam-to-Beam Connections

  • Detailing of column bases, etc.
  • Applications & discussion

 Target Audience

   Structural engineers, civil engineers & architects

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