International Marketing Fundamentals


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International marketing isn't just about translating the company’s profile or brochures into another language. It's about having a compact plan based upon a realistic valuation of what one’s organization wants to accomplish, and also an analysis of which strategic plausible markets to invade, and a structural plan for how to gain great achievements.
This training program examines various options for global expansion, such as exporting, licensing, joint ventures, and direct investment; in addition to details of how to put together a successful marketing mix to be able to use distribution, promotional methods, and translations accurately and effectively. Plus, learn where to turnover for more information about your specific target markets.

Course Objectives
  • Appreciate the marketing implications of the emerging business environment
  • Strategically analyze international marketing opportunities
  • Critically evaluate current strategies and practices, based on a development of an international marketing plan for a product/service 
Course Modules
Module 1 Globalization of Trade: Rationale for International Marketing
Module 2 Evolutionary Process of International Marketing
Module 3 Scanning and Interpreting the Industry: Consumer-need Based Environment
Module 4 International Market Segmentation
Module 5 Market risk analysis: Entry Barriers
Module 6 Acknowledge the Market: Cultural, Social, and Ethnic Implications
Module 7 Market matrix: Developing the Product/Service
Module 8 Modification vs. Standardization
Module 9 Pricing Strategies: Appointing, Managing, and Evaluating Distributers
Module 10 Brand Positioning
Module 11 Strategic Alliances and Management Control

Target Audience
Organizations and Management stuff responsible for international and /or export marketing.

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