Introduction to Procurement Management


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the concepts of scientific and practical foundations for the management of various purchasing systems installations
  • Provide participants with procurement planning and organization of its work and implementation of policies and purchasing skills, sound stages and do effective procedures on procurement oversight
  • Develop participants' skills in the practice of international business purchase and dispose of the damaged stagnant and thereby achieves efficiency in procurement management
  • Provide participants with modern concepts and information in the field of procurement and how to complete the business correspondence, negotiating and contracting to purchase through the rules governing internal and external procurement
  • Identify the characteristics of activity shelf and discuss the problems of scientific and practical related topics
  • Development of the skills of participants in the internal planning processes for stores
  • Development of the capacity of participants in reading and analyzing the inventory numbers and translate them into productive action plans
  • Modern methods of inventory control and its impact on workflow and staff
  • Inform participants on the practical experiences of the various applications of the reality of practices and practical experience
  • Development of the skills of participants in the exchange operations and outsourcing 

Course Modules
Module 1: Definition and Trends of Procurement Management
  • Nature and the importance of buying and objectives systems
  • Concept of Material Management
  • Purchase systems management
  • Research purchase planning
    • Purchase plan established planning
    • Purchase Research
    • IT purchasing
    • Budget for Purchase
    • Make purchasing decisions
  • Organize procurement work
    • Regulatory status of the internal procurement work
    • Regulation procedures and methods of procurement
  • Foundations of the practice of buying business: Policies and Procedures
    • Determine the quantity purchased
    • Purchase adequate quality
    • A good time to buy
    • Right price to buy
    • Selection of supply sources
    • Negotiate with suppliers
    • Purchase of capital equipment
    • International Purchase
    • Disposition of idle, damaged, and surplus
Module 2: EDM Machine Purchases Internally and Externally within the Organization
  • Legislation and regulations for internal and external purchase
  • Internal procurement
    • Estimated budget
    • Procurement Routes and procedures
    • Contracts
  • External procurement
    • Necessary data and conditions for suppliers when the loan request
    • Selection external procurement sources
    • Study loans and trade-offs
    • Open bid committees
    • Purchase foreign committees
    • Issuance of the purchase order and the conclusion of the contract
  • Preparation for the repayment of the value of foreign purchases
  • Managing and securing foreign purchases, procedures and correspondence own transfer
  • Open letters of credit / letters of primary and final security
  • Insurance, loading, unloading and problems
  • Customs clearance on the procurement procedures and problems
  • Information and use of computers in the field of procurement systems
  • Stages of negotiation process and procedures
  • Conclude contracts and drafting skills requirements
  • Core issues and detailed to be observed in the contract
  • Contracting and correlation stage
  • Models of the types of commercial contracts
  • International construction contracts and the rules of preparation FIDIC
  • International commercial arbitration in accordance with the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC)
 Module 3: Management Techniques and Monitoring of Stores
  • Definition and management of material nature
  • Storage function and its impact on workflow and production system
  • Reception and Catering Skills
  • Development of various storage warehouses and methods of planning skills
  • Identify needs and economic quantity of demand
  • Material classification and coding and its relationship with computerized
  • Category trio stock
  • Inventory / types and problems
  • Idle / causes inventory and inevitable disposal
  • Documentary cycle, forms, records and influential role in the inventory control
  • Founded the accounting system and the cost of materials
  • Development of exchange skills and internal supply
  • Analysis and inventory control methods
  • Computer uses in determining the economic quantity of demand and the ingredients for optimal return
  • Purchasing and storage under conditions of uncertainty
  • Electronic monitoring of procurement and storage systems
  • Use of computers in the warehouse management, analysis and inventory control
  • Effective management of the stores in the framework of the internationalization of business
  • Time management as an effective tool to cope with the pressures and their impact on the psychological and physical health of employees in stores

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