Management Excellence Strategies & Continuous Development Skills


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Course Objectives
  • Participants will understand the main aspects of the administrative excellence and the methods of accessing
  • Developing the skills needed to acquire and achieve continuous managerial excellence
  • Acknowledge strategies to attain administrative excellence and skills of the continued development from the total quality management perspective
  • Indicate the role of outstanding manager towards his organization, regarding the new challenges

Course Modules
Module 1: Fundamentals of Administrative Excellence
  • Concept of excellence and relevance for modern organizations
  • Imperative need for the administrative excellence in contemporary administrative environment
  • Areas of excellence and types of managerial excellence
  • Basic principles upon which the administrative excellence rely on
 Module 2: Administrative Excellence Strategies And Continuous Improvement
  • Basics of Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Re-Engineering Management
  • Balanced Scorecard
 Module 3: Moving Towards a Distinct and Superior Director
  • Weapons of directorial excellence under the total quality management
  • How to create a spirit of excellence when managers and subordinates
  • Role of the outstanding manager in the modern organization
  • Time management and its role in excellence
  • Collective labor administration and assess the performance of subordinates
Module 4: Effective Regulations and Information System Pillars
  • The need for regulation and self-management of resource manager (power, memory, time, delegation of authority)
  • Decision-making
  • Excellence in dealing with others and develop the spirit of teamwork
  • Superiority in stimulating work and harmony teams with renewal of creative thought for managers
  • Excellence in the power of communication, influence, persuasion and negotiation
  • Practical cases, exercises and laboratories (global Mensa Foundation) to measure the level of excellence
  • Administrative and functional creativity and continuous development

Target Audience
All administrative and executives, head of departments in various disciplines, as well as the occupants of the new managerial positions

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