Methodologies of Vendors Assessment

Code : 5/11
Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the selection, evaluation methods and means of suppliers to increase the efficacy of the purchasing process
  • Articulate unique rule and regulations to select suitable purchase resources – suppliers

Course Modules
Module 1: Methods of Searching for Purchase Resources
  • Identify project needs from raw materials and equipment: Commodities/services
  • Search for different substitutions that could satisfy the needs
  • Collection of data about reliable suppliers
  • Resources of information about items and suppliers 
Module 2: Special Policy to Select the suitable Purchase Resources
  • One source purchasing policy
  • Many source purchasing policy
  • Local and external suppliers purchasing policy
  • Direct product purchasing policy
 Module 3: Evaluation of Purchasing Resources (Suppliers)
  • Essential considerations in supplier evaluation (purchasing resource)
  • Main policies to favor any of suppliers
  • Standards of proper supplier selection
  • System of qualifying suppliers
  • Pervious experience: Type of business and size
  • Status of upon implementation contracts
  • Technical evaluation of supplier
    • Technical body
    • Workshops after market service
    • Technical support from foreign company (Affiliation)
  • Financial evaluation of suppliers
  • Official capacity of suppliers
  • Accredited distributor
Module 4: Suppliers Performance Evaluation
  • Basis of supplier’s performance evaluation
  • Quantitative methods of supplier’s evaluation
  • Purchasing systems and suppliers evaluation in light of TQM:
    • Identical purchased items system with the required specification
    • Suppliers qualifying system
    • Control system on items and work quality
    • Check, inspection damaged registering and waste procedures

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