Methodologies to Achieve Innovative Performance

Code : 1/53
Course Objectives
  • Present, discuss, and analyze the modern orientations and concepts of the management technology and the effective manager attributes and tasks in the light of new changes
  • Offer the participants the distinguished and effective skills in the management effectiveness in a varying world
  • Provide participants with the managerial excellence aspects and the means to reach it
  • Developing participants’ skills to acquire and realize continuous managerial excellence
  • Offer the participants the core, proper managerial behavior which is required for the successful managers

Course Modules
Module 1: Premise to Achieve Excellent Performance of Business and Activities
  • Excellence and the high performance concepts and its importance at the modern organizations
  • Inevitability need to managerial excellence at the modern business environment
  • Creativity and innovation is the daily skill of the excellent modern manager
Module 2: Essential Principles the Excellence Performance and Achievement Means
  • Capabilities and availabilities
  • Service and satisfaction
  • Power and pursuit to achieve them
  • Cooperation and communication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Uniqueness and quality
  • Professional and self-development
  • Concentration
 Module 3: Managerial Weapons for a Manager
  • Towards an excellent and unique manager
  • How to create the excellence spirit for the individuals and subordinates
  • Role of the excellent individual at the modern organization
  • Managing the teamwork and evaluating the subordinates
  • Effective organizing and information system
 Module 4: Essential Need for Organization, Self-management and Manager’s Resources
  • Energy, memory, time, authority delegation
  • Uniqueness in dealing with others
  • Decision-making
  • Experiments on global and Arab applications
  • Wrap up

Target Audience
All the managerial leaders, head of departments, supervisors at variable public and governmental organizations whom their work requires supervisory, innovative and leadership skills
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