Oil-Field Electricity


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Course Objectives

This course is intended to provide participant with the knowledge needed to work with electrical equipment & installations found at onshore & offshore oil fields. It provides refreshing course in fundamentals of electricity, & detailed examination of its application in oil fields. It also focuses on ways to reduce electrical consumption in the field.

Course Modules

Module 1: Electrical

  • Units of electrical measurements – Ohm s law- Series Vs. parallel circuits
  • Magnetic fields & their use in motors – Measuring devices resistors
  • Effects produced by alternatives & Inductive reactance
  • Capacitors – Diodes & Transistors

Module 2: Oil Field Electricity (Onshore)

  • Electric power distribution systems – Transformer bank equipment
  • Single – & three phase electric power service – Electrified oil field equipment
  • Electrical equipment & pollution control- Conservation of electrical energy
  • Classification of field area according to fire & explosion hazards personal safety – Effects of shock.

Module 3: Oil Field Electricity

  • Area classification
  • Explosion-proof electrical equipment
  • Purging- Pressurizing - Seals 

Target Audience

  • Production engineers & supervisors in exploration
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Power generation & distribution engineers
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