Performance Appraisal of Subordinates for Training Gaps Determination


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Course Objectives
  • Acquiring a good knowledge about the different methods of the subordinates'' performance and estimating their potentials
  • Total familiarity with the right scientific systems of performance appraisal and developing the subordinates'' efficacy
  • Acquire skills of determining the training needs through creating methods that follow this area
  • Define the significant problems that object the training needs identifications process and their handling methods

Course Modules
Module 1: Performance Appraisal Principals
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Identification
  • Performance standards
  • Obligatory choices
Module 2: Performance Appraisal Systems Evaluation
  • Employee efficiency evaluation and rewarding the merit
  • Basic factors for evaluating the employee potentials
  • Fundamentals of performance appraisal interviews
Module 3: Basic of Training Needs Determination
  • Concept of the training needs and their importance
  • Relation between determining the training needs and manpower planning
  • Objectives of Training
Module 4: Who is Identifying Training Needs?
  • Identifying training needs strategies
  • Analyze manpower plans
  • Analyze organization
  • Analyze work
  • Analyze individual
  • Analyze career path plans
  • Analyze training policies and testing trainee's criteria
Module 5: Information Sources of Training Needs Identification
  • Primary sources
  • Surveys
  • Training needs determination lists
  • Individual and group interviews the directed and the non-directed ones
  • Secondary sources
  • Manpower planning tables
  • Job description cards
  • Company organization index procedures guide
  • Worker performance appraisal reports
  • Productivity indicators
  • Training needs identification problems

Target Audience
Specialists and the officers of training needs identification and setting the training plans
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