Pump Operation & Maintenance


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Course Objectives

  • Explain the basic pumping concepts
  • Check pumps capacity
  • Prime a fluid-handling pump
  • Maintain packing & seals
  • Align and level a pump on its base
  • Identify the major symptom of faulty packing
  • Explain what is cavitation and its effect on the pumps impeller
  • Troubleshooting on both centrifugal and rotary pumps
  • Maintain and install pumps practically
  • Establish maintenance schedule for rotary and centrifugal pumps


Course Modules

Module 1: Checking Pump Capacity

  • Compute pump power required
  • Prime a pump
  • Maintain of a centrifugal pumps


Module 2: Disassembling

  • Inspect pump parts checking clearances and re-assembling
  • Maintain packing and seals
  • Identify different types of rotary pumps


Module 3: Align Pumps and Piping

  • Maintain rotary pumps
  • Schedule inspection and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting pumps


Target Audience

Filter mechanics in the plant maintenance department and holders of trade test I and II, besides holders of WASC/GCE

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