Valves In Oil Industry

Code : O/20

Course Objectives

This course provides participants with the skills to select the proper type & size of valve for specific job & determine the possible causes of valve failure.

Course Modules

Module 1: Control Valves

  • Mechanical & control valves

Module 2: Types of Valves 

  • Control valves
  • Mechanical & control valves

Module 3: Types of Control Valves

  • Glope valves,manual valves
  • Single port valves & double port valves
  • Angle valves,three way valves
  • Butterfly valves, ball valves,diaphragm valves
  • Cage valves, low noise valves, cavitation trim valves
  • Low flow valves ,low tem. Valves ,eccentric valves
  • Plug valves, pinch valves, axial flow valves
  • Gate valves, non return valves

Module 4: Digital Valves

  • Cavitation & flushing
  • Suitability of valves for different applications
  • High pressure drop , pressure & temperature rating
  • Shut off differential pressure ,high temperature
  • Cryogenic temperature, very low flow
  • Valve rageability
  • Leakage ,noise, high viscosity

Module 5: Actuators

  • Pneumatic actuator
  • Spring & diaphragm actuators
  • Electro hydraulic actuators
  • Electrical actuators
  • Manual actuators
  • Rolling & diaphragm actuators
  • Safe failure
  • Valve posioners
  • Valve actuator sizing                                                                

Target Audience 

All engineers and technicins who are in daily contact with valve, they will find their need for complete understanding and more details about valves

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