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Dynamic business leadership capabilities will always be in demand. The ability to develop a clear vision for the future, build and motivate teams, and drive strategy is what sets true leaders apart from the crowd. In our Leadership, Strategy, and Management training courses, we aim to help you develop the characteristics of a leaderas we explore different leadership qualities and leadershipstyles. Refine your critical thinking, develop strategic skills, and improve your ability to define and executive organizational plans. Learn from proven leaders about building effective teams and managing challenging relationships while you sharpen your negotiation and conflict management skills. Our class sizes are small, and our sessions are hands-on and interactive so that you come away with the skills you need to guide your organization.

With an affiliation of Chartered Management Institute, an internationally recognized institute in the United Kingdom, allows you not only with a global management and leadership certificate, but also a reputable standard of quality-based continuing education. ACAD Training & Consulting provides professional training and consulting services on all aspects of leadership and management development.
 The certifications are accredited by Chartered Management Institute with Professional Contact Hours, where participants will receive an additional certificate, besides ACAD’s Professional Certificate from Chartered Management Institute UK, upon request. For more information, visit www.managers.org.uk

Corporate & Societal Benefits

It is through our leadership and management course offerings that SMEs, business owners, entrepreneurs or managers can gain extensive knowledge in various business management disciplines, such as project management, human resourcemanagement and business planning, employee motivation methods and the business-market relationships. To fulfill the diverse needs of the community, ACAD offers a broad array of professional leadership, management, and stand-alone courses to enrich and transform the lives of diverse, lifelong learners by being among the pioneering continuing education providers in Egypt and the Middle East region.
ACAD’s renowned experts who are carefully selected to deliver such courses are inspired by a commitment to instill in our lifelong learners both analytical and engaged attitudes towards the study of the past, the present, and the future trends inleadership and management. The emphasis placed on intellectual development and transferable skills for both academic and professional, career-oriented goals is a cornerstone of ACAD’s course offerings.

Sustainability & Growth

With 40 years of experience, ACAD Training & Consulting provides short-term courses, variable-length, and customized courses to fulfill the continuing education needs of individuals and organizations in Egypt and the Middle East. These courses can be customized to fit your scheduling requirements and to support the mission and culture of your organization.
ACAD Training & Consulting contributes to improving the employability of its learners and provide lifelong learning to our participants, through specialized training and evidence-based programs, assisting the private and the public sector. Our goal is to contribute to the development of knowledge, skills and services that promote active participation that builds healthy individuals, agencies, workplaces and communities.

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